In the beginning…

Kirby and I were laying in bed talking last night (pretty much like every other night of the week). I had been freaking out (still) about how scared I am about how blissful we are. I’m on a kick of wanting to hear about his ex’s…I am a masochist or something. Anyway, it caused me to rehash our beginnings (which seem much farther back than they really are). Kirby mentioned we need to write it down to tell our grandkids (although I don’t think our grandkids will really care much about how we fell in love nearly instantly). I’ve written a lot around the beginning of the relationship but I don’t think I ever really wrote about the first date. (I wrote about the day after but not the date itself.) Not that it’s a long story…anyway…

I was very amped up for the first date. Kirby, not as much. He says he had reservations because I wasn’t officially divorced and my break-up was so recent (I completely understand, BTW). We met at Applebee’s. I got there first. I waited anxiously for him to arrive. I was a mess of nerves. He drove in and I recognized him before he even parked the car. I watched him walk to the door and became so nervous I’m amazed I didn’t throw up. I couldn’t stop giggling. I just knew for sure he thought I was a loon. All I really remember from supper was his smile. He kept smiling at me…he has a great smile. His smile makes his eyes sparkle…he has great eyes. ANYWAY, what was I saying? Oh ya, okay. After supper (which I insisted paying for because I asked him out) we decided to go play pool….I have no idea why we decided on that specific activity… *shrugs* Probably because we thought it would be too forward to just go back to my place and hang out. So we dropped my van off at my place and headed over to a pool hall near my house. We played 2 games…much more giggling was done by me…but I didn’t really think he was interested. It seemed like he was having a good enough time but just really didn’t seem like he was particularly fond of me. We decided we were bored with pool and would rather talk anyway so we headed to my place. We talked (well, I probably talked more than he did but that is pretty typical) and talked…and talked….and pushed what time he had to leave back…and talked….and finally he really did need to go or he would fall asleep on the drive home. So, I had told myself I was at least getting a hug, even if he didn’t like me the way I liked him. So I ran up and gave him a hug as he was leaving. He was SOOO huggable!! I liked being in his arms. And then he told me, ”I’m going to kiss you, now.” (We still aren’t sure if the now was in there but I think it was and I’m writing this so :P.) And we kissed…and it was AMAZING! And I was kinda shocked because I thought he wasn’t interested. And I told him, ”I could get used to that.” (or something of that effect…I really don’t remember exactly what I said.) And I think he agreed but at that point I was really fuzzy because I was so happy he liked me! 🙂

So, that’s the story of our first date…hopefully, he will tell me if I left something important out.

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