So yesterday I had the joy of a migraine headache (the 3rd one in 2 months). I’m getting rather sick of these things. Even with my meds they leave me drained and feeling like crap. I wish I was home sleeping right now.

The topic of my mind has once again moved back to The Ex (du du duuuuuuh, sorry, it sounded so ominous I just couldn’t help myself). I’m having such a hard struggle with this. I feel like I’m being a bitch by wanting her to not spend any more than 2 minutes at my house during drop off or pick up times. Yet, it seems so natural when Tony does it…it’s like he can feel the boundary and she can’t. It never ceases to amaze me how she can hang around and not even remotely feel the tension in the room. I don’t want her at that house at all. It is not her house. It is not her family.

I’m also having some major issues with parenting differences. It’s just little things that irke me. I’m told I make too big of a deal out of them (wow, ya, <sarcasm> that’s something I’ve never heard before </sarcasm>). I’m sorry but it is the little things that make the big things so the little things matter whether we like it or not. I’m doing lots of research to try to find ways to compromise on our views so neither of us feel cheated.

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