I’ve been playing in my mind with the idea of a vlog a lot lately. I think it has a lot to do with all the YouTube I’ve been watching recently. I keep thinking I could do the things these people are doing. But every time I even remotely come close to trying it, I remember, I’m not a cute 20-something anymore.

People really aren’t as interested in listing to an average, nearly 40 year old. I’m not gorgeous. I’m not hip. I’m not trendy. So why even try? But then I’m like, “But you don’t have to be doing it for ‘them.'” I don’t do my blog for “them” so why am I so worried about doing a vlog for “them”?

So, I had to come to the sad realization, I want to be YouTube famous. I want to be able to sit at home, talk to my camera, play with the video, and make loads of money. I have a dream that will never come true. It’s like those people who move to Hollywood to become a star. The likelihood of it actually happening is so small that it isn’t even worth pursuing. I know this. I’m a smart woman. But that doesn’t make the urge go away. BLEH!

Why can’t I just have realistic dreams?

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