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Panic Attack

I’ve been on the brink all day. I could feel myself teetering. I could feel things bothering me. I just went over the edge. I’m having a panic attack. What set it off? Kirby taking Katie to see her Mom … Continue reading

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Let’s see…what did we do this weekend? We bought Kirby a new car…oddly enough we did it to help save some money. It made me feel much better about life. Mainly, I sat around on my ass a lot…which is … Continue reading

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Here & Lurking

I’ve been here and lurking for years now. I’ve moved all blogging over to MySpace for anyone who didn’t know that. Of course, I haven’t really been blogging that much anyway. Well, I’ll be moving back over here for one … Continue reading

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Stop the world! I wanna get off!!

The lights I saw last week haven’t changed yet I have began having major problems again. I feel like a caged Tiger. I’m pacing the bars, swinging at anything that comes near me because I’m so pissed off to be … Continue reading

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